Jack Campbell enters race for Sangamon County Sheriff

SPRINGFIELD — Jack Campbell, the experienced lawman and public servant from Illiopolis, formally announced today he will seek the Republican nomination for Sangamon County Sheriff in the March 20, 2018 primary election.

Campbell, 53, retired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2016 after a 24-year career there, which included a eight-year stint as then-Sheriff Neil Williamson’s second-in-command. Campbell said this experience makes him the best candidate to lead the Sheriff’s Office into the future.

“As a lifelong resident of Sangamon County, I have deep roots here and a desire to protect our residents and visitors,” Campbell said.

Earlier this month, Campbell thanked members of the Illinois Congressional delegation for strongly considering him to be named the next U.S. Marshal for Illinois’s Central District. Campbell was a finalist for the position until he withdrew his name from consideration in order to follow his heart and run for Sheriff.

Campbell made his announcement at the Sangamon County Farm Bureau headquarters surrounded by family, friends, and supporters, including Sangamon County Republican Chairman Rosemarie Long.

“Jack will be an excellent candidate,” Long said. “I am confident the people of Sangamon County will be well-served with Jack Campbell as their Sheriff.”

Campbell said he is committed to a civil and informative discussions on the issues.

“I encourage the people of Sangamon County to learn more about our campaign so they can make an informed decision on who should be the next Sheriff,” he said.

During his announcement, Campbell began outlining his campaign’s platform. It consists of three major themes:


“The Sheriff’s Office should have an environment that recognizes the public’s right-to-know how it goes about its business – especially during significant incidents and instances when time is of the essence. Though the integrity of investigations needs to be protected, a lot of information can and should be shared with the public. I would look to utilize social media and other web platforms to aid in these efforts, boost crime stats reporting so neighborhoods can have a discussion about crime rates in their area, and increase the news media’s accessibility to the Sheriff’s Office personnel. Taxpayers have the right to know, and the Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility to provide as much information as it can.”


“I would work with the Sangamon County Board and the Department of Information Technology to implement technological upgrades to Sheriff’s Office systems where feasible. One upgrade I am interested in learning more about is the possibility of online reporting. An initiative such as this could increase accessibility to the Sheriff’s Office in some of Sangamon County’s rural areas while streamlining our internal processes for better, faster, and cheaper results. Simplifying Sheriff’s operations allows deputies to do higher priority police work.”


“In this modern day, there is little reason for the Sheriff’s Office to operate within its own silo when we should be working together with other law enforcement agencies, government offices, and community organizations to make our neighborhoods better places. I would also want Sheriff’s Office employees to be engaged in continual improvement processes. Civilian and sworn personnel alike should be given opportunities to voice their ideas and concerns on how we can be a more effective presence in the community.”


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