Springfield Police, State Troopers unions endorse Jack

Prominent associations in local and state law enforcement have announced their endorsement of Jack Campbell’s campaign for Sangamon County Sheriff.

In letters announcing their intentions, Unit Five of the Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association (PBPA) and Illinois Troopers Lodge 41 of the Fraternal Order of Police cited Campbell’s distinguished 24-year career in the Sheriff’s Office as basis for their endorsements.

“Springfield Police officers and Sangamon County deputies have always had a close working relationship at the local level, and our experience with Jack convinces us that he will make an excellent Sheriff,” said the PBPA, which serves as the exclusive bargaining unit for sworn and retired personnel of the Springfield Police Department.

“(Campbell’s) years of experience and professionalism while employed with the Sangamon County Sheriff’s Department makes (him) a very viable candidate for the office,” said Joe Moon, President of Lodge 41, which represents Illinois State Police troopers.

In accepting the endorsements, Campbell renewed his campaign’s pledge to accountable, collaborative, and modern law enforcement in Sangamon County – values he believes are shared by the fine men and women called to serve and those they swear to protect.

“In all of my career, I have believed we are better serving together to make Sangamon County as safe as anyone knows how,” Campbell said. “I am grateful to my brothers and sisters in law enforcement for their support, and I hope to serve with them once again.”

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